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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 12 AWC - Seismic Example WFCM/SPDWS Comparison 2015
Jan 17 NEFL Chapter
Jan 18 Palm Beach Chapter
Feb 07 NCSEA Webinar - The Most Common Errors in Seismic Design and How to Avoid Them
Feb 15 PBFL Chapter Meeting
Feb 16 Bay Area Chapter Happy Hour
Feb 16 SWFL Chapter Dinner and Meeting
Feb 21 NCSEA
Feb 23 Bay Area Chapter Meeting
Feb 23 American Wood Council
Mar 08 NEFL Panel Discussion on Deep Foundations
Mar 14 SOFL Chapter
Mar 15 Palm Beach Chapter - Habitat for Humanity
Mar 16 American Wood Council
Mar 18 ASCE Job Fair
Mar 20 NEFL Chapter
Mar 24 NCSEA Webinar - CalOES
Mar 24 NCSEA - CalOES Safety Assessment Program
Mar 24 NCSEA California Office of Emergency Services Safety Assessment Program
Mar 28 Woodworks Workshop Series
Apr 11 SOFL Chapter
Apr 18 Northeast Florida Chapter Meeting
Apr 18 NCSEA Webinar
Apr 19 Palm Beach Chapter Meeting
Apr 20 Bay Area Happy Hour
Apr 27 Bay Area Chapter
May 02 NCSEA Webinar
May 09 SOFL Chapter Meeting
May 16 NCSEA Webinar
May 16 NCSEA Webinar
May 17 Palm Beach Chapter Meeting
May 18 Southwest Chapter Meeting
May 18 American Wood Council Webinar
Jun 06 Northeast Florida Chapter Meeting
Jun 06 NCESA Webinar
Jun 13 SOFL Chapter Meeting
Jun 15 NCSEA Webinar
Jun 21 NEFL Chapter
Jun 21 Palm Beach Chapter - PDH Credit Event
Jun 27 NCSEA Webinar
Jul 11 NEFL Chapter Live Seminar
Jul 12 CFL Live Seminar
Jul 12 BA Chapter Meeting
Jul 21 ASCE Florida Annual Conference
Jul 25 NCSEA - Nonstructural Components
Jul 26 NCSEA - Structural Engineering Emergency Response Program
Aug 17 SWFL Chapter Meeting
Aug 23 (copy) FSEA State Seminar - Orlando
Oct 06 BA Chapter Annual Golf Tournament
Oct 06 Bay Area Chapter Golf Tournament
Oct 10 SOFL Chapter Meeting
Oct 19 Palm Beach Chapter Seminar
Oct 24 NCSEA Webinar
Nov 03 NCSEA Webinar
Nov 07 FSEA State Seminar - Jacksonville
Nov 08 FSEA State Seminar - Orlando
Nov 09 FSEA State Seminar - Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Nov 09 Bay Area Happy Hour
Nov 13 NEFL Chapter
Nov 14 SOFL Chapter Meeting
Nov 15 Palm Beach Chapter
Nov 29 NEFL Chapter
Dec 12 SOFL Holiday Party
Dec 14 NEFL Chapter Webinar and Social
Dec 17 PB Chapter Holiday Dinner Party
Questions and Comments Please contact Sara Guthrie at (407)347-4962 Email:  fseadirector@flsea.com


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