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  • 24 Oct 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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Understanding and Interpreting Geotechnical Reports

Understanding and Interpreting Geotechnical Reports

Abstract:   The goal of this webinar is to help structural engineers better understand geotechnical reports, focusing on recommendations that can be misunderstood. Areas covered will include topics such as what is the “right” exploration program, lateral earth pressures, uncertainty in settlement estimates, the relationship between bearing pressures, settlement and subgrade modulus values, site specific seismic assessments, vertical and lateral movements during seismic events, balancing uncertainty, risk and costs in geotechnical recommendations, and how to avoid excessive conservatism in interpreting geotechnical recommendations.

Trent Parkhill, P.E., is a Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer and Senior Fellow at Kleinfelder with 38 years of geotechnical experience.  While Trent has worked on projects in 35 states, most of his work has been in the northeast and intermountain west. His past projects have included his role as the project manager on the north half of the downtown section of Boston’s “Big Dig” which involved building a new interstate highway beneath an existing and active interstate highway, design of a 5 mile long cable-stayed bridge in a magnitude 8.0 earthquake zone, and foundations and deep excavations for eight 30 to 45-story buildings.  Trent received his master’s degree in geotechnical engineering from Purdue University.

Registration will closed at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, October 23.


Register online at www.NCSEA.com.

his course will award 1.5 hours of continuing education.

The times will be 10:00 am Pacific, 11:00 am Mountain, 12:00 pm Central, and 1:00 pm Eastern

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