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  • 22 Oct 2015
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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Observations & Reflections on the 2014 South Napa Earthquake

The South Napa Earthquake of August 24, 2014 provided a valuable opportunity for engineers and the public alike to re-learn valuable lessons from past earthquakes and see firsthand what they should expect from time to time when they live in earthquake country, whether it is in California or in other areas of the country with lower, but still significant seismic risk.  We will review the performance of buildings to see what worked and didn’t work, including many older masonry, historic buildings, both retrofitted and non-retrofitted, than can be found in the downtowns of most communities nationwide.  We will also review seismic hazards from non-structural elements and materials that aren’t addressed by building codes but represent significant hazards to building occupants.

This course will award 1.5 hours of continuing education.

The five speakers are employed by Degenkolb Engineers in San Francisco, California and have the following areas of expertise:

David Bonneville, S.E.:   Structural and seismic analysis of buildings in the science and technology and government sectors.

John Dal Pino, S.E.:  Evaluation and seismic strengthening of existing buildings, renovation of historic buildings, deep excavation bracing

Mahmoud Hachem, S.E.:  Forensic investigation of structural problems due to natural and man-made causes, seismic evaluation and retrofit, risk-analysis and seismic loss estimates.

Kirk Johnston, S.E., LEED AP:  New facility design, seismic evaluation, seismic retrofit, and the development of safety measures for earthquake resilient structures.

Roger Parra, S.E.:  New structures and seismic strengthening of existing structures, including hospitals, office buildings, historic buildings, military housing, manufacturing facilities and aircraft hangars.



Registration will close on Wednesday, October 21 at 11:59 p.m.

Register online at ncsea.com

Questions and Comments Please contact Sara Guthrie at (407)347-4962 Email:  fseadirector@flsea.com


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